October 19, 2021

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Angel reveals what really happened between her and Pere behind the cameras

Reality TV star Angel Smith revealed what she did with male roommate Pere when they were still at home.

In an interview with Net NG, Angel revealed that while he was at home, he did some crazy things with roommate Pere Egbi.

According to Angel, the quarrel he had with Pere at home didn’t stop them from doing crazy things together.

According to Angel, Pere asked her in the house to touch his cock, which she did. However, he did not specify when and how it happened at home.

When asked about her comment about Pere’s cock not hardening in her mouth while they were arguing it was true, she said it never happened because sometimes she just talks.

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“Ok, I remember that, but it never happened because sometimes I say things. But something else actually happened. He said I had to touch him and I touched him. Yes, I touched it. Well, it probably could have happened in the bathroom, where the camera views aren’t always wide. “

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