September 18, 2021

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An ancient Essex ghost is haunted by a beautiful witch castle

The young girl was not actually found until the spring of the following year, when her body was discovered floating face down in the stream near Hedingham Castle.

Some rumors suggest that Polly was pushed overboard by her boyfriend after an argument. Others believe that Polly committed suicide because she no longer wanted to be with a man.

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Visitors were still informed that there was a shadow at the far end of the castle when they looked up from the walls.

Folklore says it is the ghost of Polly whose restless soul was not buried in the local parish, but instead from a crossroads.

According to legend, the flowers are seen at the intersection which marks the place where she is believed to be buried every Christmas Eve and Halloween.

A similar story tells of an elderly monk and nun who try to escape from their families, only to be stopped by the elders.

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The ghost of Matthew Hopkins, better known as the Witchfinder General, is also believed to be hiding in the haunted location of Essex. He died in 1647 of tuberculosis.

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