September 22, 2021

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Amid the tensions with Iran, America is deploying a new remote-controlled force

The United States Navy Fifth Fleet, stationed in Bahrain, has announced that it will launch a new force that includes air, sea and submarine “drones” after years of naval strikes linked to tensions with Iran, according to the Associated Press. .)

Navy officials have promised that the drones will expand their capabilities in the coming months in a region whose narrow seas are critical points for both energy supplies and shipments around the world.

Troops of the Fifth Fleet

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, who commands the Fifth Fleet, said his country is looking to put more systems in the maritime domain above and below the sea. Fleet Tim Hawkins told AFP: “It is a task force dedicated to the rapid integration of unmanned (remotely piloted) systems and artificial intelligence with naval operations in the Fifth Fleet area.”

From 5th Fleet combat gear

5th Fleet combat equipment

he added: “When we are not talking about integrating new unmanned systems, we are talking about systems that can be used underwater, on and above water”, referring to drones and other means that can be controlled remotely.

Last month foreign ministers accused The Group of Seven accused Iran of being responsible for a July 29 drone strike against an Israeli-linked oil tanker that killed a former British soldier and a Romanian citizen. Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran was also accused of hijacking an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman in August.

And the US Naval Forces Central Command released a statement Thursday saying the new force will depend on “regional partnerships and alliances.”

“The primary goal of doing this is (…) to increase our awareness of the maritime domain and, secondly, to increase deterrence.”