July 29, 2021

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Americans Are Thriving Like Never Before | Roce today

Despite a seemingly uninterrupted deluge of negativity emanating from our nation’s media centers, Americans are doing really well right now. A new Gallup poll shows Americans are thriving like never before, posting the highest lifestyle satisfaction rates since the survey began. Good news like this should be celebrated across the political spectrum.

Gallup interviews US workers and asks them to rate their current and future lives on a scale of 0 to 10. These numbers are then converted into three categories, “thriving”, “struggling” or “suffering”. Gallup relationships its methodology as:

For its life rating index, Gallup ranks Americans as “thriving,” “in trouble,” or “suffering” based on how they rate their current and future lives on a scale with steps numbered 0-10, to the Cantril self-anchoring strain ladder. Those who rate their current life a 7 or more and their expected life in five years an 8 or more are classified as prosperous.

The number of “thriving” Americans has generally fluctuated just above 50 percent. During the pandemic, however, that number plummeted to 45 percent. However, since last December, Americans have finally put the worst of the pandemic behind them and are seeing their future appear brighter than ever. Perhaps more critically, the number of “suffering” Americans remained flat, hovering below 4%.

By breaking down the Gallup numbers further, Americans are about half as likely to be worried or stressed as they were last year. People are back to enjoying life again. In this sense, there is still room for growth and improvement. Gallup found that,

in 2018-2019, about 80 percent of U.S. adults reported significant enjoyment the day before, which dropped to 61 percent at the start of the pandemic. In June, fun returned to 73% of the adult population.

Historically, the last time so many people were “thriving” was under the Trump administration. However, these numbers do not appear to be related to partisan membership. CNN relationships that only 8% of Americans believe the coronavirus pandemic is the number 1 problem Americans face right now. So, it appears that the recent surge in morale has less to do with politics and more to do with people returning to normal life.

Unsurprisingly, the CNN poll found that Democrats and Republicans reported better mental health outcomes when the pandemic began subsidizing. Only 8% of Democrats and Republicans said their mental health had deteriorated in the past week. That’s an exceptional number considering the number hit 35% last March.

Good news is good. While the economic recovery under the Biden administration was not equally robust as many would like, the rebound in mental health may be more robust than previously predicted. Various experts and those on social media can paint a bleak picture of American life to get ratings and increase revenue, but many Americans are doing better than ever and that it is reason to celebrate.

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