September 17, 2021

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Alexa, should i get bangs? Amazon is opening a hair salon in London

Alexa, should i get bangs?  Amazon is opening a hair salon in London

The largest online retailer in the world is opening a 1,500-square-foot two-story salon featuring new technologies, including augmented reality hair consultations and point-and-learn displays that provide customers with information, videos, and educational content when they point to a product on a shelf, according to a released press from Amazon (AMZN).

As for Covid-19 security protocols, the salon will maintain reduced capacity and employees will check guests’ temperatures upon arrival. Face masks and hand sanitizer will be provided free of charge. Clients will be required to wear masks and separation screens will be used to divide the styling stations.

The general public will have to wait a few weeks before they can get an Amazon headset for themselves. Initially, the salon will only be open to employees of the company. Amazon currently has no plans to open other locations, according to a company press release.

The London show is the latest example of Amazon’s growing brick and mortar footprint. The e-commerce giant currently operates dozens of cashier-free convenience stores Amazon Go, 4-star Amazon general store stores, and around 500 Whole Foods outlets. Amazon also recently opened several Amazon Fresh stores in London, as well as a cashless grocery store.

Amazon Salon arrives as the beauty industry is poised for a comeback. After more than a year of sporting “casual” looks, consumers can’t wait to get back to their well-made pre-pandemic look. An increase in demand for body waxes, eyelash extensions, and shampoo and blowout combinations offers a glimmer of hope that consumers are emerging from their cocoons after months of social isolation. The drop in demand caused by the pandemic have decimated service-centric businesses such as restaurants, spas, hairdressers and hairdressers, forcing many businesses to close down permanently.

CNN’s Parija Kavilanz contributed to this report.