October 16, 2021

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Afghanistan: US admits drone strike in Kabul killed civilians

U.S. intelligence had tracked the aid worker’s car for eight hours, believing it to be linked to IS-K militants – a local branch of the Islamic State (IS) group, the states central command general said. United Kenneth McKenzie.

The investigation found that the man’s car had been seen in a compound associated with IS-K and that his movements were in line with other information about the terrorist group’s plans for an attack on the Kabul airport.

At one point, a surveillance drone saw men loading what appeared to be explosives into the trunk of the car, but it turned out to be containers of water.

General McKenzie described the strike as a “tragic mistake”.

media captionEmal Ahmadi: “Ten people died here … including my daughter, she was two years old”

The strike occurred when the aid worker, called Zamairi Akmadhi, entered the driveway of his home, 3 km from the airport.

The blast triggered a secondary explosion, which US officials initially claimed to be evidence that the car was indeed carrying explosives. However, investigations found that it was most likely caused by a propane tank in the driveway.

Relatives of the victims told the BBC the day after the strike that they had asked to be evacuated to the United States and were waiting for a phone call telling them to go to the airport.

One of those killed, Ahmad Naser, had been a translator with US forces. Other victims had previously worked for international organizations and held visas that allowed them to enter the United States.

The United States was on high alert after a suicide bomber killed more than 100 civilians and 13 American soldiers outside the airport on August 26. IS-K said he carried out the attack.

Many of those killed hoped to be able to board one of the evacuation flights departing from the city, which fell into the hands of the Taliban on 15 August.

The last US soldier left Afghanistan on August 31, the deadline set by President Joe Biden for the US withdrawal.

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Analysis box by Barbara Plett-Usher, State Department correspondent

The horrific consequences of the US military’s miscalculation have raised questions about the accuracy of future counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan with a US presence no longer on the ground.

But more than that, this catastrophe highlighted the terrible human cost of a war that had been fought largely from the air for years.

The fact that it happens just as the Americans have ended their 20-year occupation will cast an even darker stain on the chaotic US exit.

But for some in the region, it’s a particularly striking example of the continuing dangers of drone warfare.

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