September 18, 2021

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Afghanistan: Millions of Afghans flee their country in Fearful Of The Taleban | Roce today

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, a former Afghan army colonel named Mohammed joined the massive throng of people trying to flee Kabul airport last week.

Mohammed and his family, a wife and five children, waited for hours to reach a Taliban checkpoint outside the airport. He presented identification papers that included his U.S. Social Security card and a Texas driver’s license, both acquired during two training periods at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, more than ten years. does.

It hit a wall of hostility.

“The Taliban have stopped everyone, including me,” said Mohammed, who is identified only by his name to protect him from possible Taliban reprisals. “When they saw the American documents, they wanted to tear them all. But my wife yelled at them. He did not allow them to tear up the documents. “

His wife’s courageous move saved the documents. But the Taliban ordered Mohammed and his family to sit on the side of the road, which they did for hours.