June 15, 2021

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Afghan special operators could be trained by NATO in Europe

Officers and soldiers from the Afghan Special Forces Commando Unit attend a graduation ceremony at the military academy in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 31, 2021. Anadolu Agency / Haroon Sabawoon

Defense One: NATO can train Afghan Special Operators in Europe

But experts say the training could suffer after the withdrawal of Western troops.

As the US withdraws its forces from Afghanistan, a big question has been how the US and its NATO allies would continue to train the Afghan elite special forces that helped thwart the Taliban and other violent groups.

On Wednesday, the US Commander-in-Chief in Europe said NATO could continue the training mission on European soil.

“We want to work with Afghanistan from a NATO perspective and are looking into the training of special forces outside the country in certain locations to take NATO special forces activities out of Afghanistan to a remote location, probably from somewhere in Europe, “Gen. Tod Wolters, commander of the US European Command and Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, told an audience at the Atlantic Council.

Such training would be handled by the NATO Office of the Senior Civilian Representative, or OSCR, Wolters said.


WNU Editor: NATO also wants to help the Afghan Air Force …. Help the Afghan Air Force smooth out Taliban attacks (Break the defense). As for the war itself. The Taliban are gaining territory …. The Taliban are growing stronger in Afghanistan with the exit of US and NATO forces (NPR), and US withdrawal is halfway …. The US military says the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been more than half completed (VOA).

To update: Where will the US launch these air strikes from? …. The United States considers the possibility of air strikes if Afghan forces deal with the crisis (New York Times). Pakistan has already said no …. Don’t expect Pakistan to host US military bases (The diplomat).