July 29, 2021

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A virtual driving simulator for professionals

Dynisma has just presented one of the most advanced driving simulators in the world. But this is not one to install in the living room

When we talk about driving simulators, we immediately think about the hours we spend winning trophies in Gran Turismo or discovering new tracks in SimRacing, but this The simulator is aimed at a different range of customers.

What Dynisma calls the most advanced driving simulator in the world, is aimed at car manufacturers for the development of new models, whether road or racing. This information comes soon after the announcement that this same simulator would be developed to order for one of the most famous Formula 1 teams in the world, a project in development for two years.


The dynamics of this simulator is designed for a new world of situations and reactions, managing to convey different driving impressions to those behind the wheel, from a faster and more precise way. And of course, with the advantage of being able to carry out an incredible number of tests, very close to reality, in a totally safe environment where the biggest security problem can be solved with a reboot of the system.


The costs involved are astronomical and can offset the investment in this simulator in a short period of time, as the number of manually built prototypes is reduced, reducing the environmental impact of testing and all associated travel, which ends up shortening the times for the development of each product.

The DMG-1, as it is known, was developed on the basis of the first Dynisma project, also developed for one of the most well-known Formula 1 teams, but this new model offers the lowest latency, less than 4 ms and the bandwidth higher than any other simulator currently available.


This lower latency makes the driver able to react more quickly to situations such as oversteer and the high bandwidth helps to allow greater freedom of movement practically in real time, providing a driving experience that is much closer to reality, thanks to this greater precision and reactivity.

Furthermore, with Dynisma’s “Direct Drive” technology, even friction is reduced to almost imperceptible levels, eliminating play and inertia, making the information passed to the driver even more real.


The DMG-1 and DMG-1C, built in carbon fiber, will be delivered to each manufacturer, with the specifications they want, as they can be tuned according to specific requirements and adapted to any model, be it a prototype or a production model, road or competition version.

Probably and it would be a little expensive to use with Gran Turismo, but we couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have one of these simulators at home.

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