September 22, 2021

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A shrunken PAX West event in Seattle proved to be a huge success for some indie developers

Fred Wood at PAX West 2021. (Photo by Tim Ellis)

Seattle’s PAX West was slashed this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but independent developers who came to showcase their games at the event still considered it a success.

PAX West’s main exhibit hall wasn’t as impressive as its regular show with giant screens and huge booths. Although the show kept its PAX branding, it looked very different.

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Fred Wood was demonstrating his upcoming LOVE 3 game at the booth during this weekend’s show to give us a taste of the developer’s point of view.

Wood said it was difficult to predict what PAX would look like after a year and a half of a pandemic. Therefore, he said they were “conservatively low”. Wood said: “I was still surprised by the number of exhibitors this year.”

Wood was last seen at PAX East, Boston, in February 2020. This convention took place right after COVID-19 shut down most of the rest of the world. Wood, after such a long hiatus, was eager to travel from San Antonio, Texas, to Seattle to attend PAX West. He knew it would be different than usual.

The PAX West exhibit area has been very sparse this year due to the lack of big game developers like Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft. Indie attendance at PAX West was also very low. None of the typical smaller game developers from overseas made the trip, and the PAX West underpins Indie MEGABOOTH is still closed, so the usual large collection of indie games they carry was also missing.

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However, this was a good thing for Wood and other indie developers who made the journey.

Wood said PAX West had fewer exhibitors this year, meaning attendees were hungry for games and are able to see them all. It also allowed us to secure a prime location right next to the skybridge, one of the main entrances and the skybridge.

After the show, Wood plans to go home and quarantine for a few weeks as he works on his next game and prepares for the launch of LOVE 3 later this year. Wood considers the show a hit and tweeted that he considered it one of his favorite PAX shows.

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