October 26, 2021

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A plea to the legacy media: Step down and show the DeSantis family some human decency

While my mind knows this plea will fall on deaf ears, I felt compelled to do so.

Today, Americans received some sad news when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released a statement revealing that his wife Casey, the mother of their three young children, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Below is what this man, husband and father shared:

“I am saddened to report that the esteemed First Lady of Florida and my beloved wife have been diagnosed with breast cancer. As a mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family and has impacted the lives of countless Floridians through her initiatives as a First Lady.

As she faces the most difficult test of her life, she will have not only my unwavering support, but the support of our entire family, as well as the prayers and wishes of Floridians across our state. Casey is a real fighter and will never, ever, ever give up ”.

Immediate reactions and offers of wishes and prayers spilled across the conservative spectrum, here are just a few:

While not shocking and oh so common these days, the left-wing Twitterverse has exploded with vile and hateful responses upon hearing the news. This writer refuses to serve evil soul-crushing rage, but a brief review of CNN’s political Twitter page will provide a fair example.

The daily thread:

Casey DeSantis married Ron DeSantis in 2010 and the couple have three children, including an 18-month-old, a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old. Casey DeSantis has launched four major initiatives since her husband was elected governor of the state:

  • First Lady DeSantis’ first major announcement was the Hope for Healing Florida initiative in May 2019, which brought together stakeholders across the state to discuss new community-wide solutions to tackle mental illness and abuse. of substances with an emphasis on resources for children, veterans and first responders. The Hope for Healing website helps navigate the many ways Floridians can access available resources.
  • In December of 2019, First Lady DeSantis launched “The Facts. Your Future.” campaign – a public relations partnership between the Attorney General’s Office, the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Department of Education. This initiative allows students to learn the facts about substance abuse and how it negatively affects their lives. An important announcement and new developments on this initiative are expected by the end of the year.
  • In February 2021, First Lady DeSantis launched the Resiliency Florida initiative – a partnership with sports teams and professional athletes – including Tom Brady, David Beckham, Peyton Manning, Lou Holtz, Tony Dungy, Urban Meyer, Crystal Thomas, Ali Marpet, Bryant McFadden, Mark Richt, Twan Russell, Corey Simon, Tra Thomas, Jonathan Vilma, Charlie Ward, Tyler Johnson, Joey Logano, Brandon Lowe and Chris Mueller – to address the stigma surrounding mental health. These teams and athletes are lending their voices and personal stories of resilience and hope to enable Florida students to persevere through adversity.
  • Most recently, First Lady DeSantis led Hope Florida: A Path to Prosperity, Economic Self-Reliance and Hope. Implemented through the Department of Children and Families, this initiative unites communities through “Care Navigators” who guide Floridians on an individualized path to prosperity by focusing on collaboration between the private sector, the religious community, nonprofits and government agencies – breaking down traditional community silos in an effort to maximize resources and uncover opportunities.

Before becoming the First Lady of Florida, Ms. DeSantis earned a BA in Economics from the College of Charleston. She is a three-time national champion in horse riding and vice-champion of the NCAA Division I. She worked as a producer and air host for the PGA Tour and won an Emmy for her work on air in Jacksonville.

Legacy media, as Democratic Party handmaids, have embarked on a crusade to cloud Governor DeSantis’ political future that appears to be shining towards a 2024 run on the Republican presidential ticket. This relentless pursuit has led the media to fabricate outright lies about the governor’s background and actions or to tell a story without context, even omitting the facts, to put the Florida governor in a bad light (see here, here, here, here. here., And here). For his part, DeSantis was a political Jedi Master, a true warrior who does not grant even an inch without a complete downing (see here And here.)

The DNC media assignment was to get him to wrap the Governor’s COVID policy around his neck until he was out of breath for political air. Predictably, the report was publicized, full of falsehoods and blatantly biased. Oh, and the propagandists failed. Here is the latest poll

The media won’t report that, so let’s do it for them: Florida admissions fell -69% with no changes in state policy or new mandates! “Miraculous !! A powerful testimony to the power of natural immunity and democratic values!” fashionable commentators broadly agree.


The state of Florida now has the 41st highest covid rate in the country. Cases have dropped 57% in the past 14 days without a mask or vaccine mandate. Just share the data as most media won’t.


The DeSantis family is of strong faith. The Right thread ratio the community is praying that Ms. DeSantis makes a full recovery and is confident in a positive outcome. But if there is one significant factor outside of medical experience / treatment that can dramatically impact the outcome of a cancer patient’s journey, it is their support system. A positive mental outlook is as essential as an excellent treatment plan. There is no question that Casey and Ron have a strong community of Floridians, Americans, family and friends to raise them up during this most difficult time in their lives. That said, it is Casey’s faith, along with her husband and father of her children, that she must now lean on to stabilize her and draw the most significant strength.

This writer is not naive and understands the nature of the people she is begging to leave. However, please, I will – and if I am to try to shame those who do what is right, so be it.

Legacy Media Members,

There was a time in your life when you felt the move of human emotions and understood the line of decency that should never be crossed. Many were not intolerable narcissists just outside the gate. I suspect many even had visions of a higher purpose. Each of you has a family, friends, colleagues that you care deeply about and that you fiercely protect.

Take a long look at these images.



These are human beings, not just political opponents.

Have you ever heard the words “do you have cancer?”
Have you ever been the spouse sitting next to your partner when you hear the words they have cancer?
Have you ever been a parent of young children while their mother or father endures brutal chemotherapy?

Politics is war, but journalism should never have been a weapon against Americans whose ideological goals are not the same.

Each of you has a choice. What you choose will alter Ms. DeSantis ‘recovery and Governor DeSantis’ ability to be the pillar of strength for his wife and children that he must be. Don’t throw your bullshit to further burden her shoulders or distract her children’s mother from the battle of her life. Play fair!


Put aside your divisive, petty antics for a few months and allow this young family to work out, fight, heal and be victorious over an enemy other than you collective. There will be plenty of time before 2024 to shred this man’s political flesh – for now, step down. Report facts and facts only, and grant this mother what may be her only peace of mind in the coming heartbreaking months.

This man you have “jones” to destroy every day is not only a decorated US naval officer, but he has been awarded the bronze star. His service, and those like him, have provided you with the luxury of hugging loved ones and enjoying your freedoms. Give him peace of mind now, don’t look over your shoulder for the next media question.

And possibly regain some semblance of integrity in the eyes of the American people and remember what it’s like to respect yourself again.

Signed …

Believer in better angels with in all of us.

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