September 22, 2021

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A message from the “president”: Congratulations – Your constitution has been replaced with the law of the good Samaritan.

Biden stepped onto the podium and said the following:

“Many of us are frustrated by the nearly 80 million Americans who are not yet vaccinated.”

“A distinct minority of Americans backed by a distinct minority of elected officials prevent us from turning the corner … We have been patient, but our patience is running out and your refusal has cost us all.”

“The bottom line: We will protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated colleagues.”

Either you are with us or you are against us. This was not the message to America’s enemies. This was a message for American citizens by a President who, on the day of his inauguration, promised to UNITED AMERICA.

Apparently, abortion is a constitutional right, but earning a living is a privilege granted by Joe Biden for complying with his medical recommendations. To Joe Biden and many Americans, “It’s not about freedom or personal choice.”

Apparently, “life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness” no longer mean anything. “It’s about protecting yourself and those around you.” Congratulations: your Constitution has been replaced with the Law of the Good Samaritan.

Even before Biden announced his plan, lawsuits were initiated. The government forcing private companies to impose a medical procedure on their employees is so blatantly unconstitutional that even China is suing Biden for human rights violations. Biden’s managers knew this well. Their goal is actually not implementation the mandates. Their goal is to take credit for their implementation.

Biden’s managers aim to cover up the catastrophe in Afghanistan. Joe Biden is lose popularity faster than he is losing his memory. Even the dullest Americans aren’t buying his “extraordinarily successful” evacuation effort. To regain its popularity, it needs a policy heralded as a success.

The summer wave of Covid is already declining in most states. The spread of Covid will drop dramatically in the fall, of course and not because of anything Biden does. The spread of Covid decreased last fall and will happen again. After vilify the people who had foreseen so much, Biden’s managers have finally figured out the science. And now they want to use science to their advantage. In a month, when Covid cases have subsided, they will declare that Biden’s vaccination mandates have defeated the Delta variant. And they hope half the country is stupid enough to buy it.

Hey, they’re probably right about that. Many California residents still believe the Gavin Newsom lockdowns “saved thousands of lives”.

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