October 25, 2021

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A man stabs and sets fire to his girlfriend after having sex with her

A teenager whose identity has yet to be revealed was arrested by police officers for stabbing his girlfriend to death in South Africa after forcibly having sex with her without her consent.

After being arrested, the young teenager was immediately indicted at South Africa’s North West High School on Friday afternoon, October 8, 2021, for stabbing his 18-year-old girlfriend and setting her on fire after realizing she was still breathing.

During the trial at North West High Court, South Africa, the teenager, whose name was revealed as Kаrabо Bаhurutshe, confessed to stabbing his 18-year-old girlfriend 25 times and setting her on fire after realizing she was still alive. . He was later found guilty of the charges of [email protected] and the murder of his girlfriend.

The court trial of Mr. Karabo Báhurutshe

During his trial at North West High Court, South Africa, 19-year-old Mr. Kárabо Bаhurutshe gave a chilling testimony and told the court how he killed his girlfriend, who was identified as Miss. Gomolemo Legae.

He claimed he killed his girlfriend, named Miss. Gomolemo Legae, who is from Seweding Village, because he didn’t want to go to prison after she threatened to rape him.

Mr. Karabо Bahurutshe told the court, via his legal representative, that the incident started in a tavern where he drank and smoked dagga with his friends while watching football.

He further claimed that while he was at the tavern, his girlfriend, who is Miss Gоmоlemo Legae, arrived with the company of his friends, and later told him that she wanted to have sex with him right away, but refused the offer. because he was not in the mood.

Mr. Kárabо Bаhurutshe was also of the opinion that Miss Gomolemo Legae had changed her mind immediately after he had told her that they would not have sex in his apartment, which was a few kilometers from the tavern, but would have preferred to have sex with her in the streets. , where they knew best.

After that, Mr. Karabо Bаhurutshe went on to mention how he took a knife and forced his girlfriend to undress, and he [email protected] she mercilessly on the spot without her consent.


In his words:

“I have always known that my way of life was illegal in the country and punishable by the court, but I don’t care because I live my life the way I like,” said Mr. Kárabо Bаhurutshe.

What was the reason why Mr. Kárábo Bаhurutshe killed his girlfriend?


After some useful investigation by police investigators, it was discovered that Mr. Kаbо Bаhurut killed his girlfriend by stabbing Miss Gomolemo Legae to death 25 times because he threatened to open a case of [email protected] against him in court.

It was also reported that Mr. Karabo Báhurut poured the fuel he had bought with a two-liter bottle from a nearby oil station onto his girlfriend’s body and set her on fire after discovering that Miss Gomolemo Legae was still alive. when he stabbed her to death.


Miss Gomolemo Legae’s closest family members cried uncontrollably and cried for several weeks after receiving all the details behind the incident that led to her daughter’s death.

North West High Court decision, South Africa

Ms. Gadifele Mashetlа, who was said to be Miss Gomolemo Legae’s aunt, said she was pleased that Bаhurutshe pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him after the North West South African High Court judge adjourned the case involving his death.


In his words:

It is at least now that there is the green light in the case of the death of Miss Gomolemo Legae. I would like this honorable court to give Karabo Bahurutshe a harsher sentence in order to learn the lesson. “

“I want him to go to jail for the rest of his miserable life because we lost three family members to this young teenager. “


“Not only Miss Lagae Gomolemo’s father died, but her grandmother also died after her father committed suicide because he couldn’t bear the death of his daughter and the morning after she died,” he said.

Finally, Judge Frances Snyman, the presiding judge of the Northwestern High Court of South Africa, postponed the case until Friday, October 15, 2021, for legal representatives to submit their observations.

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