September 22, 2021

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7 celebrities who have been rejected by their crush

Just because the actors are rich and famous doesn’t mean they can’t be rejected and ignored. They often face one of the hardest things called rejection. And when they are rejected, they are often made public.

Let’s talk about 7 famous celebrities who have been rejected by their crush.

1. Emma Watson by Tom Felton

Emma Watson once admitted that she has a crush on her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton. “Between the ages of 10 and 12, I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton,” said Emma Watson.

The talented actress who played Hermione in Franchise developed feelings for Felton while filming the first two films. The actor is well known for his role as Draco, Harry Potter’s nemesis, and when it comes to his feelings for her, they just didn’t match. According to rumors, the actress refused.

2. Hillary Duff’s Aaron Carter

Remember when Aaron Carter was dating Hillary Duff, those were good times, but a few years ago he tweeted that he wanted Hillary to leave him alone. It all started when Hillary was questioned about her ex declaring his love for her on Twitter in an interview with Cosmo to which her response wasn’t exactly pleasant.

“He who gets in touch with social media is ridiculous,” he said. “But then, people always do it like Chris Brown and Karuchay, come on guys, keep it in text messages,” he added.

Shortly after the interview went viral, Aaron tweeted that he didn’t understand any of this and told Hillary to stop talking about him like she did.

3 Selena Gomez by George Shelley

American beauty Selena Gomez had a crush on former X Factor contestant George Shelley and even gave him a special video message.

Selena ended her relationship with Justin Bieber at that time and openly invited George to take her on a date via a video message broadcast to George over the weekend in front of his bandmates. The singer said: “Hey George, I’m Selena, I’ve been in London for a while and I’m sorry I missed you. So call me next time. “

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The sad thing is that George never called and Sel wasn’t thrilled. On his next visit to London, he called him in an interview with Capital FM saying, “Since I’ve been here I am very offended that George hasn’t called me from Union J.”

Well, even if it looks like he was joking, it must have hurt. By the way, back in the days when Justin Bieber the famous ex of Selena was in his fame days, he was singing his song “One Less Lonely Girl” to Selena during a show. It was all planned, but as you can see, he was really into Selena at the time.

4. James Mcvey by Sophie Turner

It’s easy to think that celebrities can get whatever they want, but stars like Aaron Carter and John Mayer are living proof that they don’t and when it comes to crushes, it turns out that even James Mcvey has been completely turned down on Twitter by Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner.

The two had recently dated but ended their relationship. Then 20-year-olds James and Sophie 18, they were hanging out at music festivals and going to posh restaurants like Nando’s and sharing cute couple photos on Instagram, but the real drama came after the breakup. Sophie called James creepy and even blamed him for photoshopping a photo of them together.

5. John Mayer by Sandra Bullock

John Mayer is quite handsome and we thought he had no problem finding a girlfriend, but it was shocking to hear that he asked Sandra Bullock if they could have friends with benefits in 2011. Obviously Bullock quickly turned him down.

A mutual friend told In Touch she was flattered and had a good laugh when she found out that Sandra Bullock turned down John because she was looking for a relationship and not just a booty call.

6. Lindsay Lohan by James Franco

James Franco, the famous actor who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, said he refused to have a relationship with Lindsay Lohan because he was having problems.

The actor met the actress who has been in rehab through mutual friends and she was clear that she wanted something with him, but he rejected her because he believed he would use the troubled star.

Franco and Lindsay made a short video together showing the rough side of Hollywood glamor. There were also reports that James was attempting to make a film about Lindsay’s story, but this is not confirmed.

7. Nicole Kidman of Jimmy Fallon

Nicole Kidman had a crush on Jimmy Fallon, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Nicole Kidman was rejected twice by the same person. Kidman was on the show promoting her new film Paddington when Fallon began remembering their last meeting years ago.

A mutual friend took Kidman to Fallon’s apartment in New York, telling Fallon that Kidman wanted to talk to him about performing in one of his films.

So Kidman liked Fallon and wanted to have a chance to meet her. Jimmy Fallon wasn’t very impressed with Kidman. In 2002, when she was single after breaking up with Tom Cruise, Fallon said she hadn’t moved because she had no idea Nicole was interested.