October 16, 2021

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5 Things Old Gamers Hate About World Of Warcraft Retail

  1. Maldraxxus

In the game, World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Maldraxxus forms one of the four main zones. While the Maldraxxus can be visually impressive, there are still some glaring problems you can face at the time of the game. It appears that the area has an average of mediocre storyline coupled with some extended missions that are sometimes difficult to endure. To grab the attention of the inexperienced mind, the missions by themselves may be enough but the long time it takes to hunt for items interrupts the true flow of the game. Compared to the rest of the World of Warcraft expansion, Maldraxxus’ storyline is rather underwhelming.

  1. Rinse and repeat

The Shadowlands of World of Warcraft follow the same pattern as the previous series, despite being visually impressive compared to previous expansions. The story is pretty compelling, but using the same old gameplay elements and mechanics since the original World of Warcraft in 2004 doesn’t seem appealing at times.

To carry out mundane tasks to progress further and level up, the gameplay becomes repetitive in nature with players having to repeat and perform some similar tasks and this makes the game exhausting.

  1. Seeing everything black

Bastion is the only one of the four zones of the World of Warcraft game that offers players an escape from the general gloom of the game. This fact can be justified by the fact that the game’s theme is usually centered around the underworld having only one of these zones is a bad excuse from the Blizzard developers. However, the excellent artistic design somewhat enhances this feeling, but despite this, not a single player wants to spend more than half of their playing time surrounded by a blanket of darkness in the game.

  1. Mission design

World of Warcraft Shadowlands offers a well-planned and detailed story accompanied by some excellent cutscenes. Also, the mixing of the music is better than expected. However, research design is another story in its own right. The missions in the game are about finding X objects or traveling to a place X without assigning significant tasks to perform. They seem designed for players with a beginner level gaming experience, which is certainly not the case when you think of loyal World of Warcraft fans.

  1. Disconnected zones

In years past, as World of Warcraft began to evolve, Blizzard’s entertainment seems to have made the map design more disconnected. Each of the zones themselves are well designed, but collectively they don’t seem to be connected only in terms of story and gameplay. Many players expect to see a zone from another zone, this is not the case with the World of Warcraft zones.

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