October 19, 2021

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5 great fundraising opportunities for your church

Operating costs for churches are high, especially when undertaking a new construction or expansion. While devoted church members regularly pay tithing, this type of offering rarely covers the operating costs of today’s church. You need to find other ethical ways to raise money for construction and outreach.

Raising money is an important part of a church’s goals. By raising funds, you can help those locally and internationally. Fortunately, there are plenty of fundraising opportunities to help pay for various church projects. With a little ingenuity, these fundraising ideas will help your church community sustain itself over the long term.

Check out these unique fundraising ideas to get started in your church:

Digital offer plate

As we go through the pandemic, our regular services, meetings and groups have been disrupted. We can no longer get together as easily as before, so we need ways for the congregation to give even when not sitting in pews. Setting up a digital offering plate can modernize the process by electronically taking donations during a recorded or streaming service.

Your website will need to be optimized for this feature. If you don’t already have an online donation page, you need to set it up. Financial donations can be made one-time or easily set up for a recurring payment. Make it easy so that those who want to give consistently can do so through your website.

This digital interpretation of the centuries-old practice of circulating an offering plate will allow for a modern option to support the church. Check out the United Church of Canada website for a great example of this fundraising idea done right.

Create and sell trendy clothes

Most people buy clothing with company logos they like. Why not have your church sell T-shirts and other merchandise that not only promote your place of worship but also raise money at the same time?

It has never been easier to start selling clothing as there are many businesses online that are all set up to print your own shirts and sweatshirts on demand. You should wear makeup to sell from person to person, but you don’t have to buy a large inventory of clothes to sit on.

Ask church members to help you design trendy logos and text that promote your church and its message. Create different designs and sell them at church, online and at any charity event. You can make good profits from clothes, and people can become walking billboards for your church.

Donation campaign

This is a great fundraising plan that asks your congregation to give up something in their daily life that they spend money on and donate that money to the church. This is usually done for a month, like an “April without coffee” and engages people and they commit to a small change for a short period of time.

Set it up and activate it on your website to sign up and see who else is pledging their month to Give It Up. Have a social media area where people can update their engagement and talk about how they’ve been inspired to walk past the bar to help raise funds. You can also set different levels for those who only want to commit for a week or two.

Celebrate all annual holidays

Your church probably gets involved in some vacations with families who come for fun. This is a great opportunity to turn these events into fundraisers. You’re not trying to squeeze every penny out of your congregation. Instead, you’re planning a bigger, more fun-filled event for them and their guests to enjoy family fun on each vacation. These parties include:

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Working day
  • New years

All of these celebratory events and many more are a time to bring people into an informal setting for a great community spirit and an opportunity to spread the church’s message to new friends in the community. You can charge a small fee to participate in the Easter egg hunt or sit with Santa and have various booths to do face makeup, balloon animals, and even sweepstakes. People don’t mind spending a few dollars to have a fun day over the holidays, so organize lively events and church fundraisers.

Having an auction is an exciting event for the community. You can contact local businesses to donate items and services for your event and set up a table for a silent auction and main auction event. Bring food and drink so you can feed everyone and make money with catering too. This type of event will attract neighbors and friends who may not be members of the church. Not only is it a great way to raise money, but it’s also a fun outreach event for the church.

Implement some or all of these great fundraising ideas in your church and see how they can work well for you. You will have fun, connect with new people, and earn extra money for all the good work your church does.

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