October 16, 2021

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# 30 COVID Questions | Right thread ratio

At this juncture, all the “Facts” issued regarding the Coronavirus pandemic are suspicious and require the utmost in depth investigation, comparison / differentiation, rational thinking and context – All.

Here are the key issues still to be resolved facts under consideration:

# 1.

Have we accurately diagnosed the pathogen as a respiratory disease? Could it be a blood vessel disease attacking the lining of our vessels resulting in leakage, with a primary symptom of pneumonia?


Overwhelming evidence supports Covid -19 was a pathogen that had undergone “Gain of Function” research and is an engineered disease. What exactly is it designed to do and at what time intervals? Successful treatment and mitigation of spread would depend on knowing this information, right?

# 3

Are the methodology and technological tools used to identify the number of infected populations credible and reliable? Do the tests also detect Covid or other respiratory pathogens? Are we counting a person’s different tests as new cases?

# 4

Is the methodology and reporting accurate on the number of hospitalizations and deaths resulting as a direct cause of the pathogen? Are we accurately capturing the true death rate of the pathogen?

# 5

Are most hospitalized cases documented in the table as Delta Variant? Do we also have a specific test in general hospital settings specifically for the Delta variant, or are we using the same Covid-19 tests that the FDA said did not effectively differentiate between different strains of respiratory pathogens?

# 6

The CDC data and the Worldometer data match, indicating that people infected with Coronavirus and known variations present have a survival rate as follows, ages: 1-14 (99.9998%), 15-44 (99.9931%) ), 45-64 (99.9294%), 65 -85 (99.6297%) and above 85 years your survival rate if infected with Covid is (98.2499%). Is it even rational to destroy the economy and jobs while enforcing medical tyranny to impact the population as described above?

# 7

Since January 20, 2021, there have been more infections, hospitalizations and deaths than in 2020. Why did the media stop the ticker on broadcasts and on the front pages of newspapers? Were both previously used as a political and propaganda tool against the Trump administration?

# 8

Similarly, Trump has held hours-long task force meetings and answered questions about Covid daily, because the media no longer requires the president to address Covid’s negative outcomes or be held accountable like they did with the presidency. Trump?

# 9

Covid vaccines, vaccines or gene therapies?

# 10

Do Covid vaccines prevent you from contracting the virus or passing it on to others?

# 11

Are Covid vaccines effective at given pathogen immunity and variances? The CDC admits that efficacy drops dramatically, and Israeli data shows natural immunity is stronger and more effective than vaccine immunity. Are these studies lying?

# 12

If I have natural immunity why should I be forced to have a vaccine?

# 13

Does the Booster hit provide you with immunity from variances?

# 14

Whether fully vaccinated or unvaccinated, isn’t it true that if symptomatic, both can transmit the disease to others?

# 15

Are hospitalized patients who are dual vaccinated but below the 15-day post-second injection window counted as unvaccinated and increase the reported number of unvaccinated hospitalizations?

# 16

Could there be a percentage of hospitalized patients in the peak of covid-related vaccine reaction injuries? How could we know? Where is the data that tracks cardio / coagulation / neurological events?

# 17

Senator Ron Johnson goes on to point out that Pfizer’s FDA-approved “Comirnaty” vaccine is not available in the United States. The only nation currently known for using Comirnaty is Israel which has entered into a contract exclusively with Pfizer to use its population as a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical company. There are no FDA-approved vaccines available in the United States despite media claims and despite vaccines being forcibly injected into the arms of unwilling US test subjects. Is Senator Johnson lying?

# 18

Is it true that the severe shortage of intensive care units and inpatient beds has staffing variables such as shortages and that mandates are making this problem worse?

# 19

Vaccinating at high levels during the pandemic causing ADE, Antibody-dependent enhancement? Is ADE creating virulent strains of variances and above? revolutionary infections?

# 20

Is it true that the death rate for children hospitalized with Covid is 0.4%?

# 21

Is it true that science indicates that school-age children are not Super Spreaders?

# 22

Are the masks usually worn by the public ineffective? Read the studies here.

# 23

Because the countries they had more vaccinated and stricter covid mandates see higher peaks in infections, hospitalizations and deaths? Like UK, Israel, Australia, Singapore and others. Why did the US have a bigger spike after vaccine launches?

# 24

Is it true that the hospitalizations in those listed countries were more vaccinated than unvaccinated? How has only the United States reversed these trends?

# 25

The CDC stated that monitoring data interrupted On vaccinated patients hospitalized patients in June, so how can they now claim that more unvaccinated are hospitalized? It is not true that their only data on vaccinated v, unvaccinated was a study that has six provisional limits – including not being able to identify if one has died of Covid or otherwise.

# 26

Are these statements accurate? Data released on Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between December 14, 2020 and September 24, 2021, a total of 752,803 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ( MISCELLANEOUS). The data included a total of 15,937 death reports, an increase of 551 from the previous week. Excluding the “foreign reports” submitted to VAERS, 581,851 adverse events, including 7,215 deaths and 45,952 seriously injured, were reported in the United States between December 14, 2020 and September 24, 2021. Of the 7,215 deaths in the United States reported in September. 24, 11% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 16% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, and 29% occurred in people who experienced symptom onset within 48 hours of vaccination.

# 27

Are these statements accurate? There are a disproportionately large number of adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) by COVID-19 vaccines compared to other vaccines. There are 91 times the number of deaths and 276 times the number of coagulopathy events reported after COVID-19 vaccination compared with influenza vaccination. Safety signals for 242 adverse events were found using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) methodology.

# 28

Does this statement relate to? Deaths monitored by CMS vaccine accurate? The Medicare CMS Monitoring System. The total number of US citizens who died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.

# 29

Many countries, India, Africa, El Salvador, Egypt. Brazil, Japan and others, see here, they routinely use Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, Vit C, D 3 and other therapies to address the progression of the disease in the early stages. Why is information censored and therapies discouraged in the United States? These countries have seen success.

# 30

Usually, when you have symptoms of bronchitis or flu and see a doctor for diagnosis, they are treated with a range of medications to both treat the symptoms and prevent other infections, as well as to address viral problems. But with Covid in America, you are told to take the test, go home and wait. If positive you are told to take an anti-fever medication, hydrate yourself and if you can’t breathe go to the emergency room. By the time you can’t breathe, most therapies are not effective and symptoms can be 7-10 days. Once in the hospital, many end up on ventilators which, despite the high saturation rates, the blood cells cannot maintain the oxygen component. Why no standard protocol for early treatment at home with therapies like in other countries?

View Twitter Part 2 above.

I don’t expect answers to any of the above questions. Providing answers would require investigating and gathering data from multiple sources, not just the one source (Dr. Fauci and the CDC) that has been so consistently wrong to date. You cannot ask corrupt and / or incompetent officials to check themselves or their politicized data.

The lack of skepticism and partisan roots on the part of the media has undoubtedly cost lives and will cost many more.

Finally, and this is not a question but a statement: Dr. Fauci should be fired for failing at virtually every stage of this pandemic, and allegations of lying to Congress should immediately follow.

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