October 16, 2021

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20 table labels you should know

The labels at the table show the accepted way of eating and the use of utensils while eating.

It is necessary to know the socially accepted way of representing oneself while eating, especially when it comes to a date or having to eat with many people at the same time.

Having etiquette at the table presents you as a well-educated person and gives you an edge over others.

Here are the table labels you should know:

1. Always wash your hands before and after eating.

2. Learn to compliment a food, especially if you have been treated by a guest.

3. If you drop a food or drink on the table, use the napkin carefully to clean it and request a new one.

4. Don’t blow the soup when hit, but mix it up.

5. Be quick to cover your mouth with a napkin when a burb is coming.

6. Do not leave the spoon in the cup or bowl. Place the spoon on the sauser or plate.

7. Avoid smoking cigarettes on a table.

8. Always eat slowly

9. Do not hunch your shoulders over the plate or chair.

10. Avoid sneezing, coughing and blowing your nose at the dinner table.

11. Select a menu you can pay for.

12. Avoid chewing aloud when eating.

13. Avoid drinking with your mouth full.

14. Don’t talk while you eat.

15. Always pass salt and pepper together even if someone has only asked for one.

16. Never lick the spoon or plate after eating.

17. Keep the phone away from the table while you eat.

18. Hold your tools properly.

19. Avoid talking and if you have to, shouldn’t be with a full mouth.

20. If you want to get up from the table, apologize.

Learn the etiquette at the table and build your confidence.

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