June 19, 2021

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16-year-old boy accused of murdering hero father of four James Gibbons who was stabbed by children while helping homeless man

Last night a 16-year-old boy was charged with the murder of James Gibbons.

The father of four was stabbed to death in Laindon, Essex on Sunday after offering a homeless man food from his barbecue.

Dad-of-four was stabbed to death in Laindon, Essex on Sunday after offering a homeless man food from his barbecue

The father of four was celebrating the second birthday of his twins

James’s family said they were “broken beyond belief”

A 16-year-old boy arrested shortly after the incident was charged with murder and is expected to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court tomorrow, Essex police said.

Investigators also arrested a sixth person as part of their investigation, while a 13-year-old boy, arrested yesterday on murder charges, was released on bail until May 14.

Witnesses said Gibbons was trying to stop a group of teenagers from picking on a homeless man when he was attacked.

Family members paid tribute to “Gibbo” yesterday saying they were “absolutely destroyed beyond belief”.


They said in a statement: “James was an extraordinary father of four small children, engaged to his partner for 11 years, and was a loving and supportive son and brother.

“James was a hard-working, family-oriented man who ran his own bathroom accessories company and was looking forward to a positive future for him and his family.

“This tragedy occurred after she had spent the day celebrating her two-year-old twin’s birthday at home and we are absolutely shattered beyond belief by this needless loss that has had a devastating effect on us all.

James died within meters of his fiancée and their four children

“James was the kind of person who would always be ready to help anyone less fortunate than him, which is what he did on Sunday night.

“As a family, we urge everyone to provide any information that can help the police as they investigate James’ death in the hopes of getting justice.”

The notes left with the flowers on the scene described the tragic James as “one in a million”.

Under a picture of smiling James cuddling Victoria and their children, a friend wrote: “This breaks my heart.”

James’s death came six years after his brother Ashley – described as “a loyal and fantastic uncle” – unexpectedly passed away from a seizure.

Friend Kerri Goss wrote on Facebook: “I have never seen a family have a bond that even came close to theirs.

“This is how I know you will get through all of this, always taking care of each other, extending to friends who have become familiar, never leaving a person not knowing how much they are loved and appreciated.

“They lived life to the fullest every day. I feel blessed to have known their huge personalities, loved by the biggest hearts and felt the uniqueness they have brought to the world.