October 25, 2021

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136 countries agree on minimum corporate tax of 15%

CNBC: World leaders reach historic agreement on a global corporate tax rate

* The twist comes after some changes have been made to the original text.

* In particular, the 15% rate will not be increased at a later date and small businesses will not be affected by the new rates.

* This has helped Ireland, a longtime opponent of rising corporate tax rates, to join the plan.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development announced on Friday a major step forward on corporate tax rates, after years of disagreement.

The group of developed nations has agreed on a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%.

This marks a huge shift for smaller economies, such as the Republic of Ireland, which have attracted international businesses, to a large extent, through a lower tax rate.

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WNU Editor: I still have a hard time believing that the United States Congress will agree with this.

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