September 22, 2021

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11 shocking habits that can damage your kidneys

The kidney is a very important organ in the body that works every hour to see that the body’s system is functioning effectively.

Kidney disease can affect the body’s ability to perform its necessary function such as the ability to clean the blood, filter water from the blood, help control blood pressure and these things can affect the production of red blood cells and the metabolism of the blood. vitamin D needed for bone health.

Habits that can damage the kidneys include:

  1. A lot of salt in meals: Having a lot of salt in food increases blood pressure and accelerates kidney damage or leads to kidney stones. Instead of using a lot of salt in your food, use herbs and spices to improve your health.
  2. Excess of alcohol: Excessive intake of kidney disease leads to chronic kidney disease. Taking 4-5 drinks in less than two hours can lead to acute kidney injury.
  3. Dehydration: this happens when a person does not get enough water necessary for the functioning of the body system. When the body lacks water, it can lead to kidney damage.
  4. Taking hard drugs: drugs like cocaine, heroin can lead to high blood pressure which is a major cause of kidney disease.
  5. To smoke : Smoking can interfere with medicines used to treat hypertension and type 2 diabetes, which are the two main causes of kidney disease. Smoking can also slow blood flow to the kidney.
  6. Excess of protein: Too much protein intake can lead to kidneys, especially red meat and other animal proteins which are first-class proteins.
  7. Processed foods: processed foods contain sodium and phosphorus which can be harmful to the kidneys.
  8. Sitting in one place for a long time: Physical activity is associated with improved blood pressure and glucose metabolism, both of which play an important role in kidney health.
  9. Taking pain relievers in excess
  10. Engaging in too many workouts:
  11. Excess sugar intake: Excess sugar can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes, which are major factors in kidney disease. Always pay close attention to the ingredients used in food production.

Be aware of the things you eat, take precautions for healthy eating.

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