Mark Emery’s book “One Freeman's War: In the Second American Revolution” is an inspirational and educational adventure which freedom lovers worldwide must have.

October 23, 2018

They are brave. Benevolent. Determined. The heroes of everyday life surround us, and collectively, their actions together weave the unbreakable fabric of humanity. The American heroes who relied on the truth, the faith, and the law. The heroes who challenge tyranny at every level. This is a story about them. A true story which will entertain and educate and which is still opening eyes three years after publishing.

Mark Emery, the author of the incredible book “” couldn’t just watch tyranny run rampant without doing something. He decided to stand up to it and tell a story to help others do the same.’

This story is an expose on how Americans are being robbed of their heritage, values, and system of law and order. It centers on Rex Freeman and his resistance to criminal corruption in all levels of Government.

This is an inspirational story of how one man, in concert with many other freedom loving Americans were uncovering systematic fraud and abuse and how they were taking on the ‘Powers that Be’ almost single-handedly and against all odds. 

Mark had an extensive background in international affairs and he was recruited heavily by the C.I.A at one point but declined a good offer that was made based on his principles. He later had a conflict with IRS which led him on the path to study the law and it was there that he started uncovering fraud and abuse. The story clearly shows how one man can upset the apple cart and jam up the wheels of ‘business as usual’.When they couldn’t shut him up as he went public with his findings. It led him to jail and they still couldn't silence him. Every attack against him made him stronger and more determined to raise hell and that’s exactly what he did! 

Rex is Latin for ‘King’ and this ‘King of the Freemen’ represents what each one of us can be when we live free in our own God-given domain. “This is a novel about a fictional character based on actual experiences and events. You’ll see a many of ‘the real issues’ which have been hidden from you with crystal clear clarity. You will see them from the eyes of ‘Rex Freeman’ whose exploits are quite entertaining as this powerful story is told.”

The book gets rave reviews and 4.8 of 5 stars on Amazon. People love it and is highly recommended for all who want to be inspired to wield the sword of truth and law in the face of corruption and tyranny. Freedom is not free! Get your copy to learn how we can save it for our posterity using ‘Rex’ as our example! The book is available in softcover or Kindle version on Amazon: 

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